Our namesake: "Schaeffer Prinz"

ABOUT SCHAEFFER HAUS GSD..... We are a small family breeder of AKC full German descent bloodlines, black & red German Shepherds. We are located in the foothills of beautiful western North Carolina. Our Sire and Dam have exceptional pedigrees, including Sieger championships and also Schutzhund certifications from both sides. Our German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) are standard breed size German Shepherds; not the large boned American bloodline bred shepherds. This enables us to help insure against hip dysplasia and future arthritis problems. All of our pups are raised in a family environment where they are socialized from birth, and introduced to other dogs, people, children, and sounds.  From protection, companionship, or working, our dogs have a combination of qualities. These same colored, pedigreed shepherds normally sell from $1,500 to $3,500 from other quality breeders, which makes owning a traditional, full German descent Shepherd difficult for the average family. We decided to begin raising a small kennel in order for families like us to have the opportunity to own this amazing dog at a price that is affordable. We do understand and agree, however, it is better to pay more in the beginning for a quality dog rather than have the expense and the suffering later from a dog with medical problems. See our "Puppy Information" page for more detail. Our prices range from $1,000 - $1,500.


Smart, loyal, confident, courageous, and steady; a true dog lover's dog.

Coat & Grooming:

The GSD's dense, medium-long coat sheds profusely, especially in the spring; keep the brush and lint-roller handy. Monthly baths and brushing with a Fuminator undercoat brush keeps the shedding under control.

Energy Level:

Very Active; These big guys were born to work; they require regular mental and physical exercise, along with as much playtime as possible.

Exercise and Nutrition
Because they are so high energy, German Shepherds tend to stay in good weight. Younger dogs will seem thin, but will fill out and grow more muscular as they mature at 18-24 months. Feed a low-grain balanced diet as recommended by your veterinarian, and address the calories and exercise before weight becomes an issue. To prevent yeast infection in ears and buildup (hot spots) on your dog’s back and skin, avoid feeding your German Shepherd a diet that is mainly grain, corn, or wheat flour. Use an anti-fungal / anti-yeast spray on your dog’s lower back and coat to treat and prevent yeast infection buildups (thickening of the skin – similar to thick scabs).


About the German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) originated in 1899. Generally considered dogdom's finest all-purpose workers, GSDs are large, agile, muscular dogs of noble spirit and high intelligence. For such deep-chested, solid dogs, they move quickly with great nimbleness afoot. The GSD's natural gait is a free-and-easy trot, but when duty calls they can turn it up a notch or two and reach great speeds. Standing as high as 26 inches at the shoulder and built like a brick doghouse, the GSD when viewed in outline presents a picture of smooth, graceful curves rather than angles.

What is the German Shepherd Dog Like?
If you ever owned a German Shepherd dog (GSD) you already know that they are intelligent and devoted. The German Shepherd is the world's leading breed for police guard and military work as well as loving family loyal companion dog. They originated in Germany in the late 1800's and quickly became one of the most popular breeds of all dogs. Today German Shepherds consistently hold a spot in top five of the AKC breed popularity list, and are currently number 3.

There are many reasons why GSDs stand in the front rank of canine royalty, but breed experts say their dog's most important attribute is character: loyalty, courage, confidence, the ability to learn and retain commands for an amazing number of specialized jobs, and the willingness to put their life on the line in defense of loved ones. Well-bred GSDs of proper training and socialization will be gentle family pets and steadfast guardians eternally devoted to their human flock..

Schaeffer Haus GSD